For over ten years I specialized as a freelance consultant. I've done projects for TUI, Colruyt, the European Commision, AUSY Belgium and many more.

TUI Belgium


Three years after leaving Jetair, I re-joined the team to help where needed.  First, I built a corporate website for the Dutch TUI department. After that, I was in charge of maintainance and development for an API written in Laravel that helps the TUI app deliver the data.  Also, I helped developing a ReactJS styleguide and drew out the architecture for a future new decoupled Jamstack using Drupal 8 and GatsbyJS.

AUSY Belgium

From January to December 2018

At AUSY Belgium - for exactly a year - I was part of a team that mainly worked on projects for the European Commission. I set up and maintained a test suite using Behat and webdriver which I integrated in a continuous integration pipeline using Codeship and docker containers. 

Also, I helped maintaining several Drupal 7 applications, specifically a reporting application that exports webform data into Word and PDF files, which was mostly back-end work.


From August 2016 to December 2017

As a Drupal developer I was primarily responsible for the maintenance and development of new features for their customer-facing website Colruyt.be.  Also, I created an internal training tool and integrated applications such as XTRA and integrated a front-end Angular tool for product search into Drupal.